In the 2000s it was expected that an artist might maintain an up to date CV on their website. On such a page you might be able to read about my Masters Degree, the project I did for the 2008 Cultural Olympiad. Or even my recognition 2009 by being named as one of AXIS web's MAstars. I'd also be able to keep a comprehensive list of shows and residencies I had been a part of. However nowadays maintaining a page such as this seems like a quaint and archaic practice. So I haven't done it.
use this email if you want to ask a question, commission something or invite Jim to speak. 

Here are some other things what he gone and done:

Jim @ TEDx Folkestone

Jim's youtube channel, all about creativity, interviews with artists and creatives and more.

Jim studied Fine Art at UCA Cantebury, graduating with a BA 2009 and an MA in 2010. He was the curator at LIMBO arts in margate 2010-2012.