The Picture The Words Painted, The Word The Pictures Wrote

Jim's first solo show in a number of years comprised of a series of photos hung alongside new text works

Untitled text interventions – text on paper

Eight text pieces created using hardware from the 1980s. The use of this defunct technology, with its harsh aesthetic is an attempt to draw attention to the formal elements of the text. The words themselves focus on the relationship between the text and the reader. The work only exists in its being read.

Untitled colour photos – early black and white digital photos and traditional three colour process

These shots were creating using a game boy camera, an extremely basic digital camera which was one of the very first digital cameras priced for the general consumer market (1998). Using just 4 shades of grey and a tiny pixel depth, the resulting images become ghostly and abstract. By using coloured filters composite images can be generated in a process very similar to centuries old colour photography techniques. I first developed and used this technique on a project about the work of 17th century mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg and rather than being seen as reductive representations of a subject they could be seen as distillations, an attempt to see something hidden – or find its essence.